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Leandra’s Personal Training is all about helping you achieve your goals, getting fit and gaining a healthier lifestyle, together we can tailor a personal programme suitable for your needs and requirements; away from the intimidation of joining a gym and finding a way of getting fit whilst fitting in with your lifestyle.

What I can offer:

  1. Excellent facility, professionally designed for Back Care and Personal Training.

  2. Pilates

  3. Fitness Assessments/Cardio Training

  4. Weight & Nutrition Advice

  5. Special Populations (GP Referral & Special Needs)

  6. Individual programmes designed and monitored for all levels of fitness

  7. 100% motivation and support guaranteed

  8. Health, fitness and nutrition solutions

Benefits of personal Training include:

  1. Extra attention and support

  2. Increased confidence and well being

  3. Guidance and motivation needed to achieve your personal goals.

  4. Improved general fitness

  5. Weight reduction and fat loss

  6. Correct recovery from injury

  7. Long term exercise adherence

Leandra has been an inspiration and has really helped me to get fit to enjoy life. Also I have gained confidence in my own ability to work-out and enjoy the experience.

I would thoroughly recommend Leandra as a Personal Trainer, she has been a wonderful motivator to enjoy the gym experience.

Sue Bode (61) Retired Teacher